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April 25th/17

Re: Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program Sees First Class Graduate

With our restaurant filled to the brim with proud parents and loved ones, Siena South Granville owners Rob & Christina Fai brought together the first class of students to the Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program and watched as they graduated with honours.

Nine teenaged girls were selected from The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C. and provided with a scholarship to attend a six-week program that would give them skills that we hoped would spark a love for the culinary industry.  Led by Siena South Granville Chef Jessica Howery, and Boys & Girls Club liaison Karmia Jung, this six-week program allowed students to learn a number of culinary facets including food safety, service and how to prepare a three-course meal from start to finish.

Graduation night saw each student bring their families to Siena South Granville for a complimentary dinner in which the students would prepare the meal, present & serve the meal.  Just prior to the meal, each student was presented with a certificate of completion and a personalized chef jacket.

Siena South Granville would like to thank Gina and Julio Epondulan for their generosity in providing private funding for this program, The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C., in particular, the KiMount location along with Karmia Jung, Joel Thoms and Jason Lee for their providing our students with transportation and communications.

(L-to-R): Front Row - Christina Fai (owner); Angela, Shaheema, Patricia, Helen, Madison, Karmia Jung (co-ordinator), Jessica Howery (Chef)
(L-to-R): Back Row - Rob Fai (owner); Christina, Keira, Mariah, Alyssia, Joel Thoms (B&G Club)

March 15th/17

Re: Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program Begins

As Siena's kitchen staff prepped in the background, the inaugural class of the newly-developed Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program arrived this past Tuesday in hopes of finding a passion for our industry over the next six weeks.

In co-operation with The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C., Siena South Granville has welcomed 10 teenaged girls into its program in hopes of sparking a passion for food and the way it's prepared.

"I think for about 10-15 minutes both the girls and our staff were feeling this process out as it is a new endeavour for us and for the girls," reflects Siena South Granville Owner Rob Fai.

"It didn't take long for Chef Jessica Howery and the girls to get their hands dirty and start having a ton of fun together which is what this program is all about."

Each week, the students within the Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program will learn about and create a menu component led by Chef Howery and then they will get to sit down at the end of class as a group and enjoy their efforts.  Week one saw the girls learning how to make pasta from scratch, by hand which had some of the girls realizing that pasta doesn't just come from a box.  Most were pleasantly surprised to see a clump of flour, an egg, and some oil turn into a pasta that was fresh and ready in seconds.  The cherry on the proverbial Sundae came when they got to sit down as a group and enjoy a hearty bowl of fettuccine alfredo.

"This program might seem foreign to some as we're often asked 'why' we are doing this.  I married into a wonderful family that has a pretty extensive culinary background," adds Fai.  We developed this program to honour our family and the strength that they had over the years.  It's a very, very big family and I think that is a story that can be told both by our food and hopefully through our compassion for these amazing, young ladies."

                                                               To view more photos of our first class held at Siena South Granville, please visit our photo gallery!

The class is submitted by The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C. who sources out teenaged girls who so a passion for the program and are committed to seeing it through to completion.  Over the first five weeks, the students will learn everything from preparation to food safety as well as learn from one of Vancouver's premier female chefs in Jessica Howery.

The final class will see each of the students inviting their families to Siena South Granville for a dinner that will be prepared by the students, presented by the students who will then join their families for a complimentary graduation dinner.  Each student will receive a certificate of completion and a chef's jacket with their name embroidered for future use.

To learn more, or to support to Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program, please contact Rob Fai at 604.715.4640 or email him at

March 9th/17

Re: Siena Receives Georgia Straight Golden Plate Award - Runner-Up, Best Mediterranean

(Siena - South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) -  Siena South Granville is proud to announce it has been named runner-up for Best Mediterranean in Vancouver as voted on by reader's of The Georgia Straight.  The 20th Annual Golden Plate Awards brings together the best culinary options from throughout Vancouver and showcases those who go above in beyond including Siena South Granville who did not receive acknowledgment last year.

"To have something like this happen in our first year of ownership is really a testament to Chef Jessica Lowery and her kitchen that features Alex Uytdehaag," says Siena Owner, Managing General Partner, Rob Fai.

"Our focus was to be more approachable and really focus on serving our guests better than ever before.  As a relative newcomer to this industry, my only promise to the community was to maintain the level of excellence in food quality and improve the guest experience from start to finish.  This is affirmation that we are headed in that direction even with more work to do."

Siena South Granville has been acknowleged in previous year's with Chef Jessica Howery receiving several accolades during her tenure at the 12th and Granville restaurant.

"Chef Howery continues to impress and is developing a consistent and textured menu that ignites the senses of everyone that joins us for a meal.  I am extremely proud of her as she continues to carve out a legacy within this city's world class industry.  

"I am also proud of our service staff with Tim Chan (Manager), Megan Sutherland and our front of house staff delivering a detailed and comfortable service each night."


March 1st /17

Re: Sanchez-Domingo Fund to Benefit Local Teens

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Siena South Granville has stepped forward this week with a community initiative that looks to build confidence, belief and hope in the minds of a handful of bright, young females by offering the opportunity to take part in the newly-formed Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program, starting Tuesday, March 14th, 2017 and running through Tuesday, April 18th, 2017.   Siena South Granville will open its doors to a select group of young teenaged females from within The Boys & Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C. catchment, to take part in a six-week culinary program aimed at helping inspire a future in our industry with a series of hands-on, 90-minute classes.

Siena South Granville has unveiled the Sanchez-Domingo Culinary program, benefitting local female teens who aspire to become a chef or worker within the culinary industry, cost-free, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and donors.

"Before my wife Christina and I even signed on the dotted line to purchase this restaurant, we both knew this was something we were committed to right from the very beginning," states
Rob Fai, Owner & Managing General Partner, Siena South Granville.

"The Sanchez-Domingo Culinary program is here to give teenage girls between the ages of 12-16, the chance to learn all about this industry.  From food safety to service, we hope that our six-course program inspires.  Our kitchen staff, led by Chef
Jessica Howery has been preparing for this course and could not be more committed to ensuring each child receives a program that will kickstart a new found love for food and the culinary industry."

"This program pays tribute to my grandparents whom I owe much of my success in life too.  Both of them have passed recently and to be able to honour them and keep them close to my heart through this program is something very dear to me," says
Christina Fai, partner, Siena South Granville.

"My family loves to eat and has always had a passion for good food.  We hope these young ladies can find a passion for food and the way it can take you anywhere you want to go in this world."

The six-week program will wrap up with a meal presented to the parents of these graduating students who will be able to serve their families with some of the very dishes that they will learn about and create.  Each child will also receive upon completion a chef's jacket and certificate of completion as graduate's of the Sanchez-Domingo Culinary Program.

To learn more or to show your support, please contact:

Rob Fai
Owner, Managing General Partner
Siena South Granville


January /17


(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Whether you are a seasoned, local sommelier or simply a wine 'newbie' who enjoys the odd glass of 'red' or 'white', Siena South Granville invites you to discover the true beauty of wine and take part in Wine 101, starting Monday, February 20th, 2017.

Each Monday, for 12 weeks consecutively, Siena South Granville will feature four wines from a particular global region and offer a flight of four (4) 4 oz. glasses from our selection and pair it with a tapas menu that will accentuate the beauty of each offering.  Guests will receive a Siena South Granville Wine 101 Passport that will get stamped each Monday to show their journey around the globe.

"We want to make wine fun and provide the opportunity for anyone to be able to join us in a relaxed and non-intimidating environment where they can discover the beauty and uniqueness of wines from all around the world," says Siena South Granville Owner Rob Fai.

"This is about interesting wines with flavours from around the world.  I personally can't wait to try some of the selections we have in store.  As well, guests don't have to join us every week (although they are always more than welcome too).  We will post the four (4) feature wines right here at and allow those making dinner plans to decide if that wine list and/or region gets them excited.  I would expect many of our guests will stop in for not only their favourite regions, but also a few that maybe they are intrigued to learn about."

The wine will be poured 'flight-style' meaning all guests will receive four (4) 4 oz. glasses that will be accompanied by a tapas-styled appetizer to showcase the regional selection.  Make your reservations in advance as space will be limited.  Contact us at 604-558-1485, by email at or right here on our website by clicking on 'reservations'.  Wine 101 Schedule listed below.

Week #1 - Monday, February 20th - Spain
Week #2 - Monday, February 27th - Germany
Week #3 - Monday, March 6th - Australia
Week #4 - Monday, March 13th - France

Week #5 - Monday, March 20th - Canada
Week #6 - Monday, March 27th - United States
Week #7 - Monday, April 3rd - Chile
Week #8 - Monday, April 10th - Portugal

Week #9 - Monday, April 17th - China
Week #10 - Monday, April 24th - South Africa
Week #11 - Monday, May 1st - New Zealand
Week #12 - Monday, May 8st - Italy

January 2/17

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Siena South Granville will open its doors to 1/2 Price Wine Mondays for the final time on Monday, January 2nd, 2017.  The long-standing promotion will be replaced by a new Monday feature called Wine 101 starting Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 6:00pm.

Wine 101 will bring together some of the more noted wine enthusiasts throughout Vancouver to come to Siena South Granville and share their knowledge with those who might be new to wines both local and abroad.

"When I first purchased Siena South Granville, I learned very quickly the power of wine," states Rob Fai, Owner, Managing General Partner.

"It truly is a part of the overall dining experience that can take you around the world and back again. I want those who maybe are a little shy about asking questions and trying different grapes and flavours to have a home where they can learn about wine, discover its beauty, and do so in a welcoming and non-intimidating environment."

Seating will be offered on a first-come, first served basis, and will include recommendations on meal pairings that will accompany that night's feature wine(s).

To learn more, call us at 604.715.4640

December 23/16


(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Now that you have purchased your Groupon, here are the steps you need to take in order to redeem it:
1. Make a reservation for the date you would like (subject to availability) via our website ( or call 604.558.1485.
2. Please inform us when you make a reservation that you have a Groupon to redeem along with the voucher number if you have it handy.
3. Come on the day of your reservation and bring your voucher with you (or bring it up on your phone if you have the Groupon app)
4. Note that you will have to pay tax on your Groupon and that drinks will be purchased separately as the Groupon is only valid for food.

NOTE:  Siena South Granville will NOT be open for brunch on Saturday, December 24th, Sunday, December 25th, 2016 and Sunday, January 1st, 2017 due to the holiday season.

December 23/16

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Those looking for an early start to New Year's Eve are welcome to join us at Siena Sotuh Granville between 5:00pm and 7:30pm.  We will close by 7:30pm as a private party will be commencing at 8:00pm.  We will not be taking reservations through for this night, but phone reservations will be taken by calling 604.558.1485.  Again, arrive early as we will be CLOSING at 7:30pm to prepare for a private event.  For more information on our special NYE 2017 Menu, please contact us today!

December 23/16


(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Siena South Granville began a special brunch promotion with Groupon on December 19th and your response was incredible!  Please make a reservation to join us and redeem your Groupon Voucher. 

Our brunch features six (6) can't miss favourites including prosciutto-wrapped Eggs Benedict and Blueberry topped French Toast with
mascarpone.   Don't miss out each and every Saturday and Sunday from 10:30am through 2:00pm we grind the coffee beans, whip up the mimosas and bellinis and put together an inspired brunch menu to help you soak up the party from the night before!  Click on our menu to see photos and descriptions of all our brunch menu items and visit to grab your Siena South Granville savings today!

December 6/16

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Siena South Granville is proud to offer guests a special dining schedule for Saturday, December 31st, 2016 (New Year's Eve).  We will be serving a special New Year's Eve Brunch from 10:30am through to 2:00pm, and an early seating for dinner from 5:00pm to 7:30pm.  We will be closing Siena South Granville at 7:30pm to prepare for a VIP Party (Tickets listed at $100) that will begin at 8:00pm and run through 1:00am on January 1st, 2017.   For information on this four-course meal that is being offered on New Year's Eve, please contact Rob Fai at 604.715.4640 to learn more.

Make your reservations right here at

December 6/16

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - With the holiday season in full 'go' mode, Siena - South Granville will be closed from Saturday, December 24th through Monday, December 26th as well as January 1stas we promote our staff taking this time to be with family and loved ones.  We will re-open on Tuesday, December 27th and are looking forward to seeing you as we head toward the New Year.  As well, Siena - South Granville will be closed on Saturday, December 10th and Monday, December 19th for private events.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

December 1/16

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - Siena South Granville is a proud partner of the legendary Stanley Theatre and continues to offer all ticket-holding guests 15% all food items this theatre season.  Guests attending shows like the currently running Mary Poppins are invited to Siena South Granville for either Brunch or Dinner knowing that the ticket for that day/night show will be used to help save this holiday season.

"Nothing beats the buzz of our room just minutes before the historic curtains of the Stanley Theatre pull back for a show.  Our staff understands the timelines needed to enjoy a good meal and still have you into your seats at The Stanley, and that has us asking all guests to book in advance as our timing is well-known around Vancouver, " states Owner, Siena South Granville, Rob Fai.

Our menu and service are the cornerstones of this neighbourhood, and we want all of our theatre-going guests to trust that we will give them a world-class meal and some savings that can go toward a little treat during the intermission.

Click on our MENU options to see some of the trusted menu items you can expect upon your next visit and don't forget - you'll need your ticket for that day's/night's show in order to receive the appreciated 15% off all food items.

November 29/16

(Siena South Granville - Vancouver, B.C.) - When it comes to “Getting Social," few restaurants in Vancouver can match the vibrancy and up-to-the-minute social interaction that Siena can. With daily Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram updates, Siena wants to become a part of your social scene. Watch Chef Jessica Howery bring you inside her kitchen to whip up some quick and simple meals ideas or learn about life as a restauranteur with Vancouver Canadians Hall of Fame broadcaster Rob Fai.

As well, by “liking," “following," “tweeting” and “snapping” our great food and atmosphere, Siena is more than happy to offer special offers and updates that will have you making your reservation for either brunch or dinner with us.

Ready to “Get Social," click on these social media icons to get started today!