It’s not every day that a professional baseball broadcaster and a senior business consultant come together to purchase a restaurant in one of Canada’s most prestigious culinary neighbourhoods, but that’s what Rob and Christina Fai did in the fall of 2016 when they acquired and re-branded Siena - South Granville.

“We pretty much made every mistake you could imagine in the first few weeks of opening our doors,” laughs Rob Fai who concedes with his tongue firmly planted in his cheek that his vision of owning a restaurant ended up having few similarities to calling a baseball game on radio or television.

“Our vision was to continue the tradition of excellence that was already here waiting for us with culinary stars Jessica Howery and Alex Uytdehaag,” adds Christina.

“We knew we had the foundation for a great restaurant and we just wanted to infuse our passion and style in hopes of turning the corner from a business perspective as well as leaving a more prominent mark in the community.

Siena - South Granville has a very significant announcement coming in January of 2017 that will immediately make them a potential industry leader within the community.

“When we sat down and actually began the process of operating and owning Siena - South Granville, we knew that the only way we could leave a legacy of excellence was to give back to this incredible community,” says Rob, who already has a deeply rooted philanthropic tie to the city having established the Vancouver Canadians Baseball Foundation. That program has already helped more than 1,000 local children receive the opportunity to play organized youth baseball cost free out at historic Nat Bailey Stadium.

“A lot of what I have learned from my time cultivating the Canadians Foundation along with an incredibly supportive team back at the ballpark, will be implemented here as well. Christina and I are determined to have as much of an impact outside of these walls as we'll have inside of them”.

Check back in the New Year as the announcement will likely have a lasting impact on the South Granville community and beyond.